How To Use Dallas Oversized Brochures To Generate Leads

It’s easy to overlook the tried-and-true brochure in this age of multimedia marketing and digital outreach. But just like television, the brochure isn’t going anywhere—it’s just getting bigger. Oversized brochures are a sure way to stand out in the crowd. 

Brochures remain among the most versatile of all marketing tools you can use to inform potential customers about your products or services. If a brochure isn’t already part of your marketing arensol you’re missing out on a key piece of print collateral that can be used to generate new business.

In today’s competitive marketplace you have to be extraordinary to gain and retain new business. Print marketing pieces, like oversized brochures, add credibility and sends the subtle message that your business is professional, reliable, and committed to quality.

The Print Advantage

In this millenium of digital downloads and with the hours of research people click through to buy everyday items, it’s hard to believe anyone pays attention to print—but yet they still do. Seeing a brochure on a screen doesn’t deliver the same tactile fulfillment as holding that very same brochure in your hand. Print collateral also builds and strengthens relationships and has other advantages over a screen, like:

  • Always being available
  • Being a roadmap of services
  • Spotlighting a call to action
  • Highlighting contact information

A printed brochure is a great “leave-behind” because it extends your presence while subtly reinforcing your brand. It also keeps your business in their mind by keeping your content on their desk in front of them instead of buried in their inbox or social media feed.

Bigger is Better

Thanks to technological advances, you’re no longer tied to a standard tri-fold brochure. Your message can now be on three panels each 8 1/2 by 11 inches. Picture it: you can have a brochure that’s over two feet wide and almost a foot tall. That’s a lot of real estate to tell your story and showcase your services.

Even better, your oversized brochure in Dallas will not get lost in any crowd, be it a hallway rack, pitch meeting, conference center or packed mailbox. People always hold aside and save an oversized brochure because it demands to be seen, opened and read.

Standing Out From The Crowd

If you’ve ever been to a trade show or conference for networking or to set-up a table, you’ve no doubt gathered lots of industry brochures, rack cards, business cards and other custom printed items. What stood out the most? No doubt the oversized brochures didn’t fall through the cracks.

Oversized brochures are an easy way to make a powerful statement about your company and ensure that your message gets noticed. Not only do oversized brochures stand out and demand attention in comparison to smaller marketing materials, they also allow for more creative and attention-getting design.

The Oversized Brochure Difference

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